Unique hand crafted felt clothing, accessories and wearable fibre art.

Making Felt

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Felt is a natural material created by slowly fusing wool fibres together using heat, water and agitation.  All of the felting is personally hand crafted with much love and intention.  Strands of raw wool are layered and slowly saturated with hot water and eco-friendly soap.  The wool is gently rubbed by hand to weave the fibres together and later rolled in a bamboo mat hundreds (and hundreds) of times until a solid piece of material is created.  Hot water is continually added, the wool begins to shrink and fibres fuse into a solid material~ felt!

The “nuno” felting technique is employed for clothing and wraps.  Nuno felting fuses a base material (i.e. chiffon, nettle, bamboo) with merino wool as it is being felted.  Some examples of materials utilized are nettle, bamboo, raw or chiffon silk and cotton lace .  The end result gives a light, beautiful combination of texture, dimension and an original new material.

Only merino wool is used as it is soft and not itchy.  My fleece and fibres are sourced from local farmers, farmers markets and small family run businesses.

Contact  feltyyouup@gmail.com for any questions or orders.


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