Unique hand crafted felt clothing, accessories and wearable fibre art.


This desert gypsy is often found wandering far away lands where aromas of exotic spices and sweet fragrances linger thick in the air…or else she maybe awash across the other end of the globe, frolicking on the peaks of mountains, lush old growth forests and mermaid blue lagoons. Wherever this gypsy soul lands, she brings with her raw merino wool, silk and her trusty bamboo mat.  From there all things are possible and so begins the birth of every new felt treasure.

Inspired by the serenity of nature, deep mountains, forests, oceans and rivers, the woollen fibres are hand dyed using natural or organic dyes whenever possible.  Eco-friendly soap is used during the wet felting process along with minimal water usage and waste.  These hand crafted creations are felted outdoors and inspired by nature.

Merino wool is a natural material that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  So dive in and enjoy the soft luxury of felt treasures designed to make you look and feel your best.

Akaleka Owleye
Felt You Up